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Deva wines are made here from white grape varieties in the Tokaj wine region in Hungary. My mission is to introduce you to the mysteries of Hungarian wines.

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Guide: 7 best Hungarian wine style

Wine and picnic 

Are you planning to visit the Tokaj Wine Region? Well, I have a great idea of how to spend your time!

Come and have a picnic with me in Tallya. I'll show you this little village and we'll go to my vineyard together to eat local delicacies and taste my wines. I can also give you recommendations and places where to go! So are you in?

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My story

Hello my name is Dora...

I grew up in Tállya, in the Tokaj wine region, and my parents have been turning to the winery since I was a child. I studied here in Hungary, then in Germany, worked as a winemaker, and then there was a big change in my life.

I lived, traveled, gained experience, and sniffed as much knowledge as I could in Southeast Asia and later in Georgia, Tbilisi. I’ve learned a lot, but my desire for adventure never wears off. But now is the time to introduce you to the world of Deva wines and the Hungarian wine world as well.

Do you wanna join me?

My wines

2020 Deva Furmint Dry

What does this wine hold? my first dry Furmint wine, 1/3 of which I fermented in a new oak barrel while the other half in a steel tank spontaneously. Pears with green apple notes are an excellent choice for meats and salads.

2019 Furmint & Hárslevelü (linden)

Spontaneous fermentation in a stainless tank. Semi-sweet with 29 g / l residual sugar, the two grape varieties tastefully complement each other. I recommend it for fish, chicken, goat cheeses.

Deva cottonbag

Made of 100% cotton with this unique logo. Deva logo symbolizes femininity and feminine power.


Guide: 7 best Hungarian wine style

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