Wine and Picnic

Are you planning to visit the Tokaj Wine Region? Well, I have a great idea of how to spend your time!

Come and have a picnic with me in Tallya. I'll show you this little village and we'll go to my vineyard together to eat local delicacies and taste my wines.

I can also give you recommendations and places where to go! So are you in?

If yes write me an Email: [email protected] or call me! 

3907, Tállya Zrínyi Miklós u 32


Dévabor - Hausel Dóra Éva

What is included in the package for 2 people?

-> 2 bottles of DÉVA wine
-> 2 Schott Zwiesel wine glasses -> 2 porcelain small plates
-> 2 bottles of water
-> Fresh bread, cheese plate, jam, and other delicacies
-> Cutting board, bread knife, linen napkin for a more       environmentally conscious picnic
-> Picnic blanket

-> Super atmosphere

Price: 4000 HUF / person

Write me: [email protected]

or call me: +36/30-871-3791


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